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Universal Poly has thousands of plastic poly products in stock.

Construction and Agricultural Film & Sheeting Perfect as a vapor barrier in construction, a drop cloth for your painting business, or as a weed barrier for agricultural and landscape uses. Our core, stock plastic comes in a variety of sizes and thicknesses [see sizing chart on right]. Whether you’re looking to seal off a room before painting, laying down crops, or providing a reliable barrier to the elements, Universal Poly has you covered! Lay Flat Bags Perfect for storing solids and liquids, these bags feature heat sealed seams for maximum strength and are crystal clear for perfect product presentation. Top-notch moisture and vapor barriers make these bags excellent for storing food products, photos, jewelry, candles, etc. Contact us for available sizes. Resealable Bags Easy open and easy close seals make these bags an excellent choice for shipping products of any size or shape. Contact us for available sizes. HDPE CF Films Our high molecular weight density polyethylene films are puncture resistant, possess impressive film strength and perform under extreme temperatures. Contact us for available sizes. Metallized Films Metallized films are produced by applying a thin, continuous layer of aluminum onto plastic film, making it an excellent barrier to light, moisture, and oxygen. Colorful and eye-catching, our metallized film is available in 48 gauge and is perfect for packaging and display items. Contact us for available sizes. Trash Can Liners Available in a wide variety of sizes, our trash can liners are constructed of seam welded plastic for added strength and durability. Contact us for available sizes.

LDPE Plastic Sheeting (All sizes available upon quote request)

10′ x 100′, 2 mil Clear 10′ x 200′, 2 mil Clear 8′ x 4′ x 100′, 1.5 mil Clear $9.60/roll $19.20/roll $12.00/roll
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Stock Product Specifications

Looking for other stock plastic products? We sell thousands of bags in different sizes and styles. Contact us today for custom quote on any stock bag you currently purchase! Ordering Minimum A $250.00 minimum is required for all orders.